Medical Alerts

Elderly Woman at HomeIt’s perfectly normal to worry about your parent’s health and safety when they are living alone in their own home. Many people fear what would happen if an elderly family member fell or got injured and wasn’t able to get help. Older adults living alone after a heart attack or stroke are at a higher risk for another event, making it so important to get help fast.

Rest easy. They can keep their independence with a Home Medial Alert Emergency System. With the help of a personal medical emergency alert, they can remain within reach of emergency help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Peace of mind like this is priceless, but a Home Medical Alert Emergency System only costs about $1/day.

How Medical Alarms Work

In an emergency, you simply press the button on the medical alert pendant and the base station will receive a distress signal. Within seconds, a professional medical operator will be communicating via the base station. Depending on the situation, paramedics, family members or a neighbor will be notified. As an added assurance, the operator will stay in contact with you until help arrives. False alarms can happen. If the alarm is accidentally triggered, the operator will confirm that there is no emergency.