Video & Voice Verification

Video & Voice VerificationYour may be asking yourself, what’s the difference between a video surveillance and having alarms verified. Quite frankly the goal is very different. Video surveillance on the other hand provides remote real time viewing and continuous recording/streaming to a DVR that is most often used for later review and identification. Video verification goes beyond viewing and recording activity and is used to verify if there is, in fact, a person on premises at that moment. This is what we call Detect and Notify.

Video Verification of burglar alarms is being used to add value to both residential and commercial security systems. With video verified alarms central stations monitor the system and receive a video clip of the event associated with an alarm signaling.

When the operator at a central station can confirm that they visually see a person on the premises, police give the dispatch higher priority than a standard alarm signal. Quick law enforcement response often results in an increase number of apprehensions. The results in faster response times that increase the chance of apprehensions and a reduction of false alarms, saving you and authorities both time and money.