Close Enough to Care

At LJR Security, the difference is customer service.

Reflecting more than 20 years of commitment to South Louisiana, we have built our Company on a foundation of courteous and personalized service. Realizing that our customers have a wide variety of out-of-state companies to choose from – we are proud that so many of our friends and neighbors have entrusted LJR Security to meet their security needs.


Unlike many of our competitors – who are headquartered in Utah, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania – LJR Security is based right here in South Louisiana. We live, and work, right here in the very same communities that we are blessed and privileged to serve.

The fact is, while “bigger may be better” in other industries, consumer surveys have repeatedly shown that people “think local” when it comes to selecting a provider to protect those things that are most valuable to them – their homes, their property, and the lives of their loved ones.

Home and business owners are more comfortable trusting their personal security to someone who resides in their own community. Who shops in the same stores as they do. Who send their children to same local schools as their customers. And who congregate in the same houses of worship.

That’s why we are proud to distinguish itself as a truly LOCAL company.

Best of Both Worlds

At LJR Security, we have devoted our professional lives to providing cutting-edge life safety, intrusion alert, fire detection and prevention, and medical alert services. Our customized home and business automation systems are tailored to fit the specific, individualized needs of customers.

Through LJR Security, our customers gain the peace of mind and sense of security that comes from knowing they are being provided the best possible protection against theft, violent crime, fire damage, or accidental loss of property.

By leveraging our prior experience as founders of one of our country’s preeminent nationwide security networks, we are able to provide the wider range of products and capabilities often only available through large national companies  –  coupled with a unparalleled level of reliable and professional service that our friends and neighbors have come to expect from a locally-owned-and-operated provider. We can truly offer the best of both worlds.

A Commitment To Excellence

Our primary goal is to meet – or exceed – the highest expectations of each and every one of the thousands of customers we have been privileged to serve. We are committed to fulfilling or surpassing all local, state and national standards for regulatory compliance and best industry practices.

Moreover, we guarantee that our customers will be monitored here locally by Acadian Ambulance Service – one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed first responders – and a recognized leader in mobile medical services and alarm monitoring.

This allow us to provide our customers with the highest caliber of security surveillance, emergency response and crisis dispatch services available anywhere in the United States. And it enables us to offer a level of service that none of our competitors can offer.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve, and protect, you and your family.